Players + Parents must fill out the form below before any training session + scrimmage + game


Failure to adhere to guidelines can and will result to your removal of activities

*Parents must complete the above listed questionnaire before participating


*Each player will be receiving their own reversible pinny (or practice vest, depending on what you would like to call it).  Please bring $10 to your next training at Wardlaw in order to receive one.  Players will be asked to bring their pinny to each practice.  The reason we are asking for each parent to purchase a pinny is to avoid players sharing equipment with one another, such as pinnies.

*Every child must bring their own labeled water bottle, which they will keep in their bag at all times when not using.

*Bring your own ball

*Players MUST RSVP to trainings/games so we can plan accordingly

*Players wear a mask when entering and exiting the field. When exercising, they do not need a mask. 

*All coaches and staff need to wear a mask when on the sidelines with players.

*All sidelined players not participating in physical exercise must wear a mask. I.e.:  Sitting on the bench during a scrimmage/training, sitting out for water breaks, etc. 


*All opponents and coaches that we scrimmage must adhere to all of the same guidelines, including the questionnaire.


*Parents observing games or scrimmages on the sidelines MUST wear a mask and must socially distance themselves from one another - 6 feet apart or more


*Players are encouraged to bring their own chair to games and scrimmages.  Therefore, we can effectively socially distance players while sitting on the sidelines.

COVID-19 Questionnaire:

It is required for players + parents to fill out this questionnaire before every training, scrimmage or game.

Thank you for your commitment to making VSA a safe environment for our children, parents and coaches

Have you had ANY of the following symptoms within the past 48 hours?

COVID-19 Guidelines + Screening + Questionnaire

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