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Small Sided Games for Premier Development


VSA offers opportunities for our younger players to compete in 4v4 formats.  The Diamond Cup format allows for players to constantly be engaged and on the ball.  Players are constantly challenged to take each other one 1v1, combine with teammates, and learn the fundamentals of angles and space.

The most important aspect of the Diamond Cup is that is FUN!  Players at the grassroots level have a wonderful opportunity to engage in a quality soccer experience.  If you are a parent looking to inspire your child to play at an elite level, the Diamond Cup is a great start.

VSA proudly invests a great amount of focus and care on our Pre-Academy program.  The Diamond Cup is a crucial part of it.

If you are interested in learning more about the Diamond Cup, please click "REGISTER NOW."  For action clips of the Diamond Cup, check out the video below. 

Night Match
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