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Boys + Girls Birth Years 2017-2010

VSA Summer Select is a program for players looking to improve their skills in the off-season. VSA’s professional coaching staff will deliver a quality session weekly for seven weeks. Additionally, each team will participate in two competitions.

The objective of our program is to inspire each player to become the best version of themselves. The environment is competitive and will require a consistent level of dedication from each participant. Prior to joining the Summer Select program, all players will be subject to an evaluation.

Summer Select is open to VSA players and all other players looking for a competitive offseason program.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the registration form. We will invite you to a session for an evaluation.

Weeks of Professional Training

Location:  Wardlaw Hartridge School 

1295 Inman Avenue, Edison, NJ

Player Evaluation Required

*Current VSA Players are exempt from Evaluation

Tuesday + Thursdays:  Starting 6/18/24.  Concluding 8/1/24.

Fourth of July training rescheduled for Wednesday, 7/3.

*Training hours subject to change


BOYS SCHEDULE by birth year

2017 + 2016 Boys: 5-6 PM

2015 + 2014 Boys:  6-7 PM

2013+2012+2011+2010 Boys:  7-8 PM


GIRLS SCHEDULE by birth year

2017 + 2016 + 2015 + 2014 Girls: 5-6 PM

2014 +2013 + 2012 Girls:  6-7 PM

2011+2010 Girls:  7-8 PM

2 Competitions

VSA Summer Showdown at The Wardlaw Hartridge School + All Seasons Sports Academy

Click Here for More Information

The second competition is subject to team's competition level.

Night Match
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